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Trust God from the bottom of your heart; 

don’t try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do,

everywhere you go; 

HE is the one who will keep you on track.  

Don’t assume that you know it all.


My journey revolves around this big word: TRUST.
This has to be the word with the most weight for me.
Trust is a powerful action that I must be careful with.

Who can I trust? Is the question I must perpetually ask myself.
Well then, the bible tells me to trust God from the bottom of my heart.
Wow! That sounds like trusting Him with all I have, and all I am.

That is a lot.

So, as a common practice, I wrestle with God, and we think of actual wrestling matches on the floor sweating and fighting to dominate.

And yes! metaphorically speaking this is what happens between me and the word of God, aka Jesus.

So, this week I struggled and wrestled with trusting God with the details of my life, my abilities, my work, my ministry, my humanity…you know those things…

This is the pattern I like to call the test to trust, in the wrestling match God wins me over with His patient love, he allows my struggle to take him to the match where He is for me.

Always for me, always with a tender hand that’s constantly holding the line of truth.  

Did you catch that? I wrestle Him and He is for me!

To understand that even in our most combative and foolish moments, the creator of the universe is for me, and for you, in the wrestling match of our humanity.

Throughout my walk with Jesus, I’ve been able to identify that the core of my struggle IS TRUST. Every time I read the lines of this verse.

The word of God brings clarity as I read this verse; I can now see that in order for me to trust, I must STOP trying to figure it out. I do that, frequently, and I am sure that if you’re human so do you.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to try to figure things out.

But I wasn’t tying that tendency with trust!
I tend to want to know things before their time, seeking security in the knowing instead of God. When knowing is a far too a heavy concept for any of us to grasp in the first place.

My humanity must yield to this awareness…

God is ALL-KNOWING and that is enough for me to know now.

That’s the TRUTH that helps me TRUST.
HE knows my future, every turn, every detail.

My part is to walk into my unknown future being guided by the ALL-KNOWING Lord. 

I follow, He leads.

This is the ongoing journey to knowing God and developing that trust that
I so desperately need in my relationship with HIM. I get to choose every moment
whether I trust, it is a conscious effort.

I have so many questions about my future, at the moment, I am afraid of the unknown. There is a promise though, if I listen to His voice,
HE will keep me on track.

It is a constant test of trust.
Trust grows one act of surrender at a time.

So every time I struggled trusting Him this week,
I chose to give Him thanks for knowing all the things that I don’t and for helping me believe, that He is certain of the future He has for me.
My trust is then anchored in the certainty of God.

My life is like a movie that God has already watched, and I, the impatient child, continuously keep asking “what happens next Papa?”

And He patiently replies, “just keep watching you’ll see that it ALL turns out for your good”

This week my hope for us is to be encouraged for HE CAN BE TRUSTED.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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