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Sunset June 27, 2022, John B. Robert Dam, Albuquerque NM

We are approaching the end of June, and the year will be halfway over.

During the past 6 months, I have tried to make the most of my life

– but I still haven’t found what I am looking for.

If you are anything like me, I’d say, you are also searching for answers and trying to make sense of your life. 


Lately, I have pondered the words the philosopher wrote in the book of Ecclesiastes.

The stories seem to be the same, but the scenes and characters are different.

I, however, continue to be the leading lady in my life.

And that’s the role I have to strive the hardest to keep.

There will always be seasons of transitions.

The hope of transition is in the expectation that things, no matter what, 

are bound to change yet again.

Nothing ever stays the same, and that we can depend on.

In the ebb and flow of life, we grow and mature.

We are tested and stretched to become the resilient man or woman 

who God dreamed us to be.

As His voice pursues me, I hold on to the truths He speaks

I have a plan.

You have a future.

It is so good –

So good you can’t even imagine it.

Every little thing you’re going through

–I am working for your good.”

So, I consciously choose to believe that these are the words God whispers in the darkest hours when I need Him the most.

As my bottomless voids continually beckon His filling love, 

I wait in faith to be filled.

God is helping me heal and recover every little piece of my heart that I have ever given away along the journey of unrequited love.

This heart that broke and He restored is the piece of art that doesn’t get to be discounted by anyone, most importantly myself.

Behind the glass case of wisdom, my heart is safe within the boundaries of my godly choices and perpetuated self-worth.

The freedom to love comes with a responsibility to care for my heart.

I am the keeper of my heart, and with every decision I make,

I must honor the place where God resides and my life is birthed.

It is not easy to place my trust in the mind of God because still, 

deep inside, I think I may know better what I want or need.

But in moments of enlightenment, I realize that I don’t.

For all the times when I have not gotten what I wanted but instead got what I needed –for those times, I praise God from the depth of my recovered heart.

The words penned in my journal reconcile the truth, and suddenly, these ink-stained letters define my reality.

No is an anointed word.

I have the power to use it and thus release the blessing that comes through it.

No is an anointed word

Georgina Fourzan

There’s an opportune time for me to say no to things under heaven.

There was a time when I embraced

but now, it’s time to part ways.

A time when I had searched,

and a time where I have come to count my losses.

A time when I held on

and now a time when I  let go.

It is now the opportune season to be fully human, feel, and mourn.

In due time, when feelings settle, I will rejoice over what was not meant to be.

Because within a “no” is a hidden blessing that will soon sprout from the stony ground of God’s plan.

I hope you find yourself within the story, as you try to make sense of this thing called life too.

I pray that you my dear friend,

May you know your season.

May you embrace transitions.

May you know it too shall pass.

May you have the courage to say no when needed.

May God fill your voids and heal your wounds. 

May God open your eyes to see that He is always with you.

May life surprise you with every step you take,

as you seek your own healing in love.

In Jesus’ name.


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